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... economics ignores intertemporal budget constraints, it violates Ricardian equivalence. It’s just not the way the world works. People might not solve dynamic programs to set their consumption path, but ...
Taxing Capital? The Importance of How Human Capital is
an infinitely-lived agent model. In contrast, Peterman (2013) and Conesa et al. (2009) demonstrate that in a
Dynamic Capital Tax Competition
Email: for more recent work, Keen and Kotsogiannis (2002), Kessler et al. agent infinite horizon model with perfect capital mobility and no adjustment costs.
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On the other hand, if such borrowing is possible then the person is subject to a single intertemporal budget constraint:
... subject to budget constraint (ana- logically to equations (1) and (2)); monopolistically competitive producers maximize a profit and set output prices following the Calvo price setting mechanism ...
The Present-Value Model of the Current Account:
budget constraint. The model still consists of one representative consumer; the consumer In this thesis I present and test an intertemporal model for the current account. The
Intertemporal budget constraint. Use the intertemporal budget constraint given in equation (2). terize the growth rate of consumption, to solve for its level we need to use the intertemporal
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bequests at the same rate as the returns on ordinary capital. To demonstrate the intuition why these restrictions
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... the solution to some Euler equation plus an intertemporal budget constraint, with current wealth and the projected real interest rate path as the only factors that matter. This is fine if you want to
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a pain to derive the …rst order conditions. It’s a lot easier to consider how these changes a¤ect the budget constraint graphically.
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... con- sumer inter-temporal smoothing is affected by accumulation of habit from past consumption. Labor agencies differentiate the raw labor, mark-up the wages and supply the differentiated labor types ...
Household location, dwelling and tenure types in
inter-temporal utility maximization is analytically tractable. We discuss properties of the model and we propose an econometric specification for empirical matters. Our general approach can be ...
... It also includes the off-budget or off-balance sheet public entities, like the social security funds, for whose liabilities the central, state or local government sector is ultimately responsible.
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... welfare subject to an intertemporal budget constraint and where firms maximize their profit, subject to nominal rigidities, characterising the imperfect adjustment of prices on the goods market.”
Essentially the intertemporal budget constraint (1.12) shows that only the present discounted borrowing from time t − 1 due at time t). Equation (1.7) is a general dynamic budget constraint
... between government expenditures and revenues is regarded as a necessary condition for sustainability. The cointegration analysis is based on an intertemporal budget constraint equation excluding Ponzi
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Effects of Price Shocks to Consumer Demand. Estimating the quaids Demand System on Czech Household Budget Survey Data Kamil Dybczak, Peter Tóth a David Voňka CNB WP 8/2010
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